1. The school has good enrolment which has steadily been rising – see enrolment data
2. The school sits on 4.8hectares of land with enough space for expansion.
3. The school has two boreholes of which one is functional.
4. There are two water tanks with a capacity of about 10,000 litres, one is spoilt.
5. The staff has a self sponsored lunch and tea programme leading to good work and social integration.
6. The school boosts of a good administrative block although it does not have enough furniture and needs replacement of window panes – as well painting.
7. The school accesses instructional material funds which are not normally inadequate for the ever growing population of school – and the ever rising cost of living making it just a drop in the ocean.

1. The high enrolment has led to inadequate sanitation facilities. The school needs at least ten more doors of latrines.
2. The number of classrooms available is not adequate to the pupils. Especially those who need specialized classroom for Hearing Impaired.
3. As seen from staff establishment the school has gender imbalance.
4. The school lacks Special Needs Education facilities for the PH and HI.
5. Most of the pupils are OVC’s, this leads to them to staying hungry hence lack concentration in classrooms.
6. Under usage of the school farm due to both lack of funds to invest in it and insecure school due to lack of proper fencing.

i. Good classrooms as build by willing donors.
ii. Constituency Development Fund has availed funds for various projects within the school.
iii. The school is within a sugarcane growing zone hence a potential for assistance.
iv. The school neighbours Ng’eny Secondary School and providing mentorship to the pupils.
v. The political class is vibrant towards academic success of the school.
vi. A Co-operative Provincial Administrative infact the District Commissioner Office is within proximity of the school.
vii. The Alumni of the school are willing and always ready to help the school improve.

i. Due to poverty child abuse is a threat to the school in achieving its objectives.
ii. Early marriage of girls poses a significant threat to the school.
iii. Drugs and substance abuse within proximity of school.
iv. Child labour is common within especially in the sugarcane farms.
v. The scourge of HIV / AIDS has greatly affected the overall school’s academic achievements.

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